The symbolic meaning of a handshake

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This calls for a firm handshake.

A Saturday morning

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A Saturday morning

Look at the sun.

How do you motivate yourself to study hard?!?! AIYO.

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Hi readers! This is my first post on WordPress.

I’ve been sick since yesterday morning. Down with a fever and had a really bad sorethroat… Was omw to school yesterday when I was suddenly hit with an abrupt gush of dizziness, it was so bad till I had to rest for a while before making my way back home… Gosh, the last few weeks of the June Holiday must be really having its impact on me! Spent my days lunching on fastfood (mac, kfcx100, pizzahut….) and countless cups of softdrinks (i can’t help it either, my workplace provides it FOC. :p) without proper rest or hydration..  Little wonder why my body is retaliating.

Anyway, I promised myself to effectuate a little task-list that I made today:

  • Clean up my room and the desk in the living room.
  • Complete some of my June Holiday assignments…. (haven’t done it till now.)
  • Read the Bible, Chapter 3 of John.
  • Do some math assessments

Yeah, 2 out of 4 tasks completed. As I was trying to pin my brother down (literally) to revise for his Science test, I asked myself a question…. “Why do I seem to always ask him to study but I’m never doing it myself?!” Ikr, sometimes it’s so easy to tell others to study but when it comes to you, it just sounds like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

So how do you actually motivate yourself to study when you know you don’t want to study?

  1. It’s a matter of willingness.  DO YOU WANT TO STUDY? If you want to, STOP PUTTING IT OFF! Normally, I’d place my leisure before homework. Sometimes studies can get so boring to the point where procrastination seem to be the only way to deceive yourself that THERE’S NO HOMEWORK. \(^o^)/ BUT, CHALLENGE PROCRASTINATION. Whenever you feel like procrastinating, remind yourself of the end goal or incentive you’re gonna receive!
  2. Remind yourself constantly of your end goal/ reward. Stick a note to your desk or forehead. A place where you WILL SEE EVERYDAY! For girls, the mirror would be a good choice. :p
  3. Get POSITIVE study buddies who can motivate and embark on this arduous path with you! It’ll be great if you start organising study sessions. Not only does it bond you well with others, it gives you a shared mission with them too! Furthermore, you can “trade” knowledge with one another… just not with your best friends though! Who knows it may turn into a party kekeke.
  4. Ask yourself why you want to study. Do you study for your parents? Do you study to get an excellent job in future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’m using these guidelines for my own personal motivation. Would you like to give it a try too? 🙂